A Sister's Circle

{October 2, 2014}  

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

Psalm 23:2 NIV

I’ve always loved the 23rd Psalm.

Maybe its because I’ve always had this affinity and heart for animals. I often joke that instead of blessing me with a houseful of babies, God entrusted the care of animals to my heart and hands. So its easy for me to read this beautiful passage of scripture and see God’s heart as The Good Shepherd (John 10:10) and the loving care He extends to the sheep He attends to. Only a shepherd with a heart for his sheep could care for them in this way.

But I asked a question of my text group, I’d like to ask of you Sisters:

Who is God to you?

David saw Him as a shepherd . Maybe it was because David himself had been a shepherd boy and understood the care and concern it took to care for stubborn, stinky sheep, lol. And let’s face it, sometimes we are more like sheep than we might care to admit. But David got the importance of seeing God from the perspective of who God was and who he was to Him. He recognized that God’s love and grace extended to every area and arena of his life. God was Provider, Peace Keeper, Path Guider, and Protector. Whatever he needed God had already supplied.

What about you?

How do you see God? Its just a question. But certainly one to consider as you give thought to how well God loves and cares for you. I thought of this myself as I started out on this day. And I realized my soul was quiet. Content. Peaceful. And I understood how David felt when he penned our key verse above, …”He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters…”

God loves me so much that He doesn’t just see to my physical needs, He ministers to even that place in me that needs a quiet place. A place of rest without turmoil to interrupt it. So for me this morning, in this moment,

The Lord is my quiet place.

Your turn, complete this sentence:

The Lord is ___________________________.


And feel free to share. I’d love hearing your thoughts.

Make today beautiful Sisters!


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